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About Us

We strive to have the best relationships with the artists we have the responsibility for promoting. Though we’ve promoted numerous events since our launch, we’re committed to making sure every act feels that same sense of ‘superstar treatment’.

By following a clear set of values and goals that benefit artists, managers, agents and venue we work it’s clear to we pay attention to details. Every successful performance is the culmination of dozens of little details which we strive to make sure are all handled perfectly.

Agents & Artists

We work with artists and management to devise a long-term strategy to build a sustainable relationship where we’re seen as partners rather than promoters who’ll see the needs of your projects as paramount. Among the details we can help you master are the following;

·      Long term artist development strategy
·      Finding the right venue and date
·      Clear and competitive offers
·      Pain free contracting and deposit process
·      Marketing planning + execution
·      Effective print, digital and social promotion
·      Production, gear and backline advancement
·      Travel and transport
·      Sound, lighting and staging coordination
·      Stage management
·      Guest accommodation
·      Onsite content gathering
·      Accounting and prompt settlement
·      Post show reporting

We work flexibly with artists on a one-off project or contract basis.

We look forward to working with you.

Martin & Ricky (KA Events)